Nick’s Realty Posts has a 10+ year history of excellence in managing high quality residential and commercial real estate sign installation, removal and storage. We were able to survive, and even thrive during the great recession years, and we are now stronger than ever.


We understand that fast, high-quality sign installation is crucial to the successful implementation of your property marketing plan. Your clients expect the best, most expeditious service from you and we try our best to be a partner in helping you meet those lofty expectations.

Choosing a classic, high quality wooden carriage sign post for your listings is a great way to establish a quality brand in your farm area. Neighbors and future clients drive by your “advertisement” several times a day and see the quality that you deliver as a listing agent entrusted with marketing and maximizing the value of their home or business.


This type of post has almost become an international symbol for “property for sale”. It is highly visible and very strong. We feel real wood posts are far superior to plastic, PVC or metal posts. They can be repainted each time they are installed for a fresh, bright, glossy reflective surface. Plastic and metal posts do not hold fresh paint well, and after a few installations, their luster has usually faded.

Additionally, when buried and set well, real wood posts are less likely to lean than hollow, staked posts in the very sandy and gusty environment of coastal Florida.

 Our posts are hand-fabricated from sturdy 4″ x 4″ severe weather #2 pressure treated lumber with a beveled, cantilevered arm.

 That means you get an extra 10 square feet of highly visible, glossy white surface area framing your brand message roughly 5 feet off the ground.

 A traditional step sign offers little enhanced visibility and is rarely higher than a few feet above ground.


It’s simple! Just complete the online ORDER FORM, click ‘Submit’ and we do the rest. Your sign will be professionally displayed on a classic, bright white carriage post. Our Monthly Average Service Lead Time is less than one business day, meaning many of our installations are completed the same day they are ordered. We commit to 1-3 business days for service, however our averages always well exceed that commitment.

If you need help preparing commercial or residential real estate for sale, Nick’s Fix It All Services Inc., is a good choice with years of experience and excellent references! Be sure to visit our OTHER SERVICES page to find out more.